Third Party Reviews

Wesley Brown | October 14, 2018 |

"Men..... Don't miss this one! If you have a beard or mustache... Sport Chips is a MUST!!!"

Vincent Incardona | October 07, 2018 |

"I always use the same lady and she does a wonderful job."

chris rogers | September 21, 2018 |

"Really nice and helpful staff"

Louis Ferguson | September 04, 2018 |

"Best place ever. Fast and fun!!!"

Jeff Miller | September 04, 2018 |

"Great people, great service, great price. Best in Livingston."

patricia schober | September 04, 2018 |

"Great haircut remarkable personnel"

Sam Evans | September 04, 2018 |

"Nice clean shop with professional stylist. Always seem friendly and can hold intelligent conversations. Young kids are always at ease for first time haircuts due to the stylist patients. Highly recommend!"

Don Maxwell | September 05, 2018 |

"Friendly and professional service"

Robert McOsker | July 31, 2018 |

"Took my 82 year old father to this establishment for his haircut, he has been coming here every few weeks for several years. We tried to do this yesterday but there was 6 gentleman ahead of us with 2 1/2 stylist (I say 2 1/2 because one of them was doing their best to hide in the back) anyway this morning we wanted to be there when they opened, we finished up our errands and got to sport clips an hour before they opened. We were waiting in the truck, it was pouring rain, saw one of the employees arrive, 30 minutes to go, other people had pulled up,and were waiting, with 5 minutes to go a man got out of his car and went in. Seeing this and not wanting to wait for an hour only to let others jump in line ahead of us, we got out into the pouring rain only to find the door locked again with the employee yelling through the door that they were still closed. Now, my 82 year old father is on oxygen, I am handicapped and walk with 2 canes, rain soaking both of us as there is no awning and she didn't have the courtesy to let us in 5 minutes early to let us get out of the storm. She just yelled that the other person she let in was her husband and she didn't care if it was raining, we were not coming in. Now, between my father and I we have close to 90 years of customer service and this is no way to treat customers, especially handicapped elderly customers. Sport Clips has lost 2 customers for life, hopefully my dad won't come down with pneumonia and make that a short boycott."

Nikki Rice | July 18, 2018 |

"My son was petrified when I started using Sport Clips 3 years ago! Ashley was so awesome with him and had the patience of an angel with him. This is the only place I trust cutting his hair and I only use Ashley although he entire staff is friendly❤️"